Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Living with dishonoring dead

Do those who damaged the Boalsburg Cemetery have any concept, do they begin to even understand what they have done?

They did not simply knock over old tombstones. They reached through time and dishonored men who served and those who remembered that service. Under the cover of darkness, their cowardly actions mocked those heroes and the families who erected memorials to them.

And they have disrespected generations of people who tended those final resting places.

For every one of them, though, there are many, many more who will not let this disrespect stand. We will repair and restore. We will donate and volunteer. And in several weeks’ time, we will gather in the shadow of their destruction to honor and remember much braver souls than them.

I can think of many apt punishments. But I believe the severest punishment might just be that for the rest of their lives, they must live with the knowledge and shame of what they did one Saturday night.

They cannot tell anyone, they cannot brag. They can only live with the lonely secret forever.

Joseph Torrell