Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Shame the vandals

I am outraged that anyone would vandalize a cemetery.

There is no reason for something like this. When the vandals who did the damage at the Boalsburg Cemetery are caught, I hope the judge can see fit to give them several hundred hours of community service time.

This would be done at the cemetery either helping to repair the damage they did or mowing and tending to the grounds. This should be done while wearing orange jumpsuits with a large sign posted where it could be seen from the road that would read, “I vandalized this cemetery and I am paying the price for my crime.”

If some public embarrassment and humiliation were attached to crimes such as this, maybe they would decrease. It is time to stop being soft on crimes such as this and make the perpetrators take personal responsibility for their actions.

If they were juveniles, mommy and daddy should not be allowed to just write a check for the fine and be done with it. They could be out there with them — guilty of failing to teach them right from wrong and respect for others and property.

Jim Lomartire