Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A history lesson helps guide State College ‘yes’ vote

There is this wonderful little booklet, “The Public Schools of the State College Area: A History-The First Forty-Four Years 1896-1940,” by Jo Hays and Margaret Riley. Reading through it gives one a sense of all the thought and effort that the citizens of our community have put forth over the years to ensure that each child would be properly educated.

Building expansion was a constant concern in the 1920s. School directors were drawn into critical discussions of plans and policies. Looking ahead, the district attempted a proposal for long-range planning as early as the late 1920s.

School directors experienced a “summer of discontent” in 1923, when citizens’ questioned a proposed West Nittany Avenue location for an eight-room grammar school building.

A reluctant electorate approved it after some defeats. The board stood by its original site choice in January 1924, when the contract was signed with William Kennedy for $60,916.

The Nittany Avenue Grammar School opened in the fall of 1925. It has been the district’s administrative building since 1965.

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in State College, attending both elementary and secondary schools where there was always a vision for the future.

Please continue that vision by going to the polls on May 20 and voting yes on funding the State High project. The time is now!

Linda Chambers Domin

State College