Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Climate change for real, next big hot topic

Your May 8 editorial, “Global warming must be a hot topic,” is soon going to be the hot topic. Global warming will dominate all of our lives.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports warn we have just 15 years left to make 40 to 70 percent cuts in carbon-dioxide emissions if we want to avoid “catastrophic” climate change that would turn our atmosphere into that of Venus. We can meet this goal only with a national energy policy, but it doesn’t have to include the federal regulations or new taxes conservatives object to.

There is a simple, realistic plan for replacing fossil fuels without hurting our economy or punishing consumers.

Eight Nobel Prize-winning economists advocate a revenue carbon tax paid by fossil fuels directly to consumers. A “tax swap” will let the market make the switch to renewables as carbon fuels become more expensive than solar and wind energy.

Consumers have that tax money to cover any cost differentials during the transition. When they scale up, solar and wind will be cheaper than fossil fuels are now. Their storage/intermittency problems have been solved and they already are becoming competitive with dirty energy, even though their subsidies have been eliminated while massive, and completely unnecessary, multibillion dollar annual subsidies for fossil fuels continue.

All we lack is the political will to make this happen. The Citizens Climate Lobby website has the details.

Lynn Goldfarb