Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Yes vote will benefit local economy

Why should you vote yes May 20?

For the benefits you will receive.

The high school project will improve the area economy. When employers move operations, local businesses attract outside talent, and professionals open a new office; professionals often tour the area high school as a quick way to gauge an area’s commitment to the future. Our current high school does not show well.

The president of the Centre County Association of Realtors makes great points in her article on Page D1 in the Centre Daily Times on April 13. I know my friends in real estate often talk about how school district quality impacts home values.

Better facilities will increase regional educational events held in our area, capturing additional tourism, dining and lodging revenues, thus improving the local economy.

The community uses the high school campus for hundreds of activities a year. A remodeled and upgraded facility will enhance the region’s quality of life. When you attend events at the improved high school, your quality of life will be improved through handicapped accessibility, better seating, larger bathroom facilities, etc.

Something has to be done. The current facility does not meet code, floods, and has inadequate climate control. Remodeling the facility piecemeal will cost nearly as much as the high school project with few of the benefits.

And when you vote yes, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you improved the lives of children.

Please vote yes on May 20.

Mark Higgins

State College