Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Don’t reward State College school district’s poor management

Tell the State College Area School District to stop wasting its time and our money on slick ad campaigns, electronic student monitoring systems with dubious benefits, and the hiring of more teachers for non-essential programs.

Don’t reward years of inadequate planning and financial management with an unnecessary $85 million debt.

Tell the school board to use the $30 million they say they can produce and start fixing, maintaining and upgrading their facilities like all the other school districts that somehow manage to live within Act 1 limits.

Tell them on May 20 by voting no to the 7.2 percent tax increase referendum.

Please note the opinion piece in the May issue of Voices by two school board members who finally conceded that, “All told, property taxes in 2020 will be 7 to 10 mills higher than they are today.” That’s a 25.8 percent increase in just five years. Other analysts using the same data say it will increase more than 35 percent. Pick your poison!

Vote no and save some of your money for bigger tax increases on the horizon needed to pay for the Public School Employees Retirement System that is broken and underfunded. Unlike the referendum, you will not have a choice or a vote on retirement fund tax increases.

Pete Schempf

Harris Township