Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Children deserve support, yes vote

As a strong believer in public education and someone who, like everyone in State College, reaps the many indirect benefits of living in a community that cherishes education, I urge all who believe that our children deserve a modern, high-quality high school to vote yes on the high school referendum May 20.

In his May 8 letter to the editor, Don Gordon misleads by suggesting that the school board should be able to fund the high school project from its “ample revenues and reserves” if only it could “get the job done with less grandeur.” The word “grandeur” is hardly accurate for a plan to replace broken-down 1950s-era infrastructure with a more modern and energy-efficient building costing $165 per square foot, well below the Pennsylvania median of $211 and the mid-Atlantic median of $255 for high schools.

Gordon also unfairly conflates the upcoming high school referendum with unrelated issues and implies that the school board has been tight-lipped about the high school project (“The answer remains pregnant with silence”). On the contrary, the board and other residents have expended thousands of person-hours setting up public forums, soliciting public input in multiple ways, making themselves available for questions, canvassing door to door all over the school district and posting copious information on the district website.

Our school board has done its homework, involved the community at every step, and struggled to balance quality with cost. They, and more importantly our children, deserve our support May 20.

David Hunter

State College