Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Home-schooler supports SCASD referendum

I am writing to express support of the referendum that will be voted on in the primary election Tuesday. I am a former homeschooling mom, and I send my children to the Friends private school, yet I will enthusiastically vote yes to move forward with the new high school project for several reasons.

First, education is a fundamental right and our community of children must be guaranteed access to a safe environment in which to learn. The current high school has several significant barriers to ensuring children’s educational success, including failing mechanical systems, physical space that does not meet code or ADA standards, and more than 93 external doors that present concerns about keeping the building safe in a time in which school violence occurs at increasing rates.

As a Penn State faculty member, I see daily in my classrooms the power of education to transform students’ lives by empowering them to be active, informed citizens who will be able to contribute to our community and society in the future. Research has indicated that for most property owners in the district, taxes will increase only $16 a month. Taxes are assessed not on the market value of your home, but on the assessed value (which is less!). For me, despite the fact that I pay private school tuition in addition to school property taxes, I will vote yes for the referendum because $16 a month is a small investment in our community of children.

Jill Wood

State College