Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | State High needs our support

I attended one of the dozens of State High project information meetings held during the last year or so, and I came away extremely impressed. School officials have done a thorough job gathering input from our community to come up with a thoughtful plan that will best meet the needs of our students. They have found the “sweet spot” — spending enough money to create a safe, effective learning environment, but not overspending.

They have saved us money by leaving the location of the school on Westerly Parkway. The plan includes a cost-effective design of adding four new, semi-separate structures on the south side of Westerly, which is cheaper to build than one large, new structure. This design allows for classrooms with plenty of windows (and sunlight) and a smaller, more personal, intimate school experience for the students. A new auditorium will be well used by the students as well as by many community groups. The plan includes extra parking for the Welsh Pool in the summer. Money won’t have to be spent on keeping up the old Delta location. The flooding problem will be addressed. Also, the plan provides for a much safer school — no longer will we have 93 entrances into the school. Visitors will enter via the new office from the new parking lot. The new, large parking lot will now allow sports participants easy access to the tennis courts, track and fields.

Vote yes for the high school project May 20. It deserves our support.

Anne Ready

State College