Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote no May 20

A yes vote on the $85 million referendum, which requires $81 million more in interest charges, and $30 million from our schools’ budget, for a total of $196 million, won’t stop the hullabaloo over our high school in State College.

The referendum is only permission for the State College school district to incur debt beyond the Act 1 tax limits established by the state legislature to protect property taxpayers. The school district’s exploding pension costs, concealed from the public, are an authorized exception to Act 1; there is no limit on their increase. The 7.2 percent tax increase for the high school concept endures for 30 years — not one year. This is the only part voters have a say in.

On behalf of most taxpayers, including small business owners who clearly said no to a 7 percent tax increase, having special interest groups, such as the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County and Patton Township Business Association inappropriately endorse the tax increase on their behalf, I urge you to vote no on May 20.

Require the school district to constrain spending within Act 1 limits. The district receives more than enough property tax to maintain our schools. More management — not more money — is the solution.

Mary Marino

State College