Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Only the vote stands between community and school it deserves

On Tuesday, vote yes for the State High renovation and upgrade project on the ballot.

The buildings are almost 60 years old. Component parts needed for repair are no longer available. Even so, the maintenance department gets high marks for their ingenuity and determination to keep everything functioning — for now.

The ever-worsening condition of the buildings is at a crisis point.

For years, our community has wrestled with the issue of State High facilities.

Not one but two school surveys came to the same result: Most people in our community want the high school to remain at its current location.

After analyzing the survey results, the nine members of the school board voted unanimously to put the current project on the ballot. Board members are working hard to educate our community and encourage voters to approve the plan May 20. I heartily agree.

Recently, the State College Borough Council voted unanimously in support of the high school project.

The current plan solves problems that have plagued the high school for decades: moving all students to a renovated and upgraded South Building (all on the same side of Westerly Parkway); new HVAC (air conditioning; no more inside classrooms without proper air circulation); no more flooding. The plan adds new space to accommodate all State High students and addresses security concerns.

Only the vote May 20 stands between our community and the high school it deserves.

Elizabeth Goreham

State College

Elizabeth Goreham is State College mayor.