Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote for McGinty

Democratic voters, if you are tired of the fighting in our primary for governor, have you noticed that Katie McGinty has refused to take part in that? Instead, she has run a consistently positive campaign. We all know it won’t be easy to fix the problems our state faces, but someone who can speak politely to a rival and refrain from character attacks has a better chance of building necessary bridges.

McGinty comes from modest means. She earned a scholarship to study chemistry, at a time when women mostly didn’t go into sciences. She sees a seamless path from a good education to tech jobs in clean energy that pay family-sustaining wages.

I will vote for her, but whoever wins will need a strong running mate who can bring out Democratic voters. Gov. Corbett’s polls are low, but Democrats should have no illusions: Republicans will unite behind their nominee, who will be well-funded. The only candidate we have for lieutenant governor who has a statewide base of supporters is Brad Koplinski. He has been to all 67 counties, most often, and got nominating petition signatures from each of them. None of the other candidates has come anywhere near that.

McGinty has come to Centre County twice this spring, and Koplinski has been three times. This is a big state, and we are a small county. None of the other candidates have shown this level of interest in us. Will you please give them a good look before you vote?

Dianne Gregg

Centre Hall