Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote yes on referendum

Since being elected to the school board three years ago, I’ve listened to many comments, concerns, questions, and ideas about what to do with State College Area High School.

Input from the survey, meetings, and many casual discussions leaned overwhelmingly toward keeping one high school and keeping it on Westerly Parkway. The architects also listened and developed a design that provides many of the advantages of our current two-building system while also addressing major concerns about student safety and building security.

As I’ve talked with people, recently, two questions come up frequently. First is how the buildings got in bad shape. The answer is that age has simply taken its toll. Like the South Building, I was also born in 1962. I can sympathize with this challenge! Though they’ve been maintained, the buildings really need a full-scale overhaul.

The second question is about the cost, especially given the economy. The proposed plan will add an average tax of less than $200 a year. Even those on fixed incomes can reasonably expect this investment will lead to a far greater increase in home values. The alternative — requiring the district to do Band-Aid repairs on a facility that no longer serves us well — is simply shortsighted: as my grandmother would have said, “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

A yes vote is fiscally and educationally sound for the long term.

A yes vote is an investment in our community and our young people.

Please vote yes on Tuesday.

Laurel Zydney

State College

The writer is a member of the State College Area school board.