Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Hit the reset button

More than seven years ago, the community that constitutes the State College school district was fractured and united in remarkable ways by a debate over the future of State High. Voters sent a strong message for the need to “hit the reset button” — fresh perspectives, better approach, new plan.

On Tuesday, as we again go to the polls with the high school’s fate in the balance, I believe there is value in reflecting on that journey and the extent to which we all got what we voted for.

State College is a diverse community composed of a wide range of constituency groups, each with its own set of wants, needs, hopes and expectations. Producing a solution for State High that wholly satisfies everyone, or perhaps even a majority, would be impossible. Achieving a compromise solution requires leadership from all involved, including a community of stakeholders willing to not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

The current board and district officials have employed a process of integrity, transparency and engagement to arrive at a plan that reflects public opinion and acknowledges fiscal realities while balancing these with obligation to their top responsibility, maintaining this community’s justifiably high standards for excellent public education.

In May 2007, we voted for positive change, and we got it. Let’s recognize and validate that accomplishment together.

Please vote “Yes” on the State High referendum.

Chris Buchignani

State College