Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Now is the time

The future of State College Area High School has been an issue hanging over our community for more than a decade. Our population is filled with intelligent people who share strong opinions. The robust debate we’ve lived through, while difficult at times, is a sign of strength in our community. I am grateful to live among people who care enough to speak out with passion.

But questions remain: What will we do, and when? Buildings that have lasted for more than 50 years continue to deteriorate. The requirements of 21st century education only increase in complexity. Something must be done. On Tuesday, our community has a chance to end its long debate with a common sense, compromise solution that respects the input of our citizens and honors our commitment to educating our kids.

The ballot referendum measure represents the result of years of contemplation, conversation and, yes, some consternation.

Through that process, we have reached a point where community input and opinion has been obtained and analyzed at every step, where a diverse group of competent school officials have balanced that data with a long-range plan for our district’s success, and where the community can have the final say at the ballot box.

We are ready to do this. Now is our time. Please vote yes on the State High referendum Tuesday.

Sharon Herlocher

State College