Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | An investment in education

A yes vote on the State High referendum represents a shared investment by the entire community in a crucial resource: the value of a great education.

The link between good schools and strong communities is self-evident across the country. While buildings are not the most important aspect of a school system, neither are they irrelevant. The time has come to step up to the plate and invest in providing our students with a modern and secure learning environment.

Yes, finally making the commitment to a solution on State High will involve some personal sacrifice on the part of every resident in the district. And, yes, the proposal may not reflect your first choice. But this is a good plan developed through a sound process, and we simply cannot delay action indefinitely. Like any expense or investment, it involves giving up and getting back.

The impact of great schools on our kids and on our community is well-worth the price tag. The time to take action and make that commitment is now. Please join me on Tuesday in voting yes.

Marian Stonis

State College