Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote to support project, children

Reaching a consensus conclusion among a large group of people is extremely difficult in even the best of conditions. In State College, a diverse community with many strong and contrasting opinions, reaching compromise on the future of State High has been a monumental challenge. The school board met this challenge with a thorough and transparent process. At every stage of the process, the board has gone out of its way to be open and made every effort to engage the community. From the beginning, the district held multiple public meetings around the area.

There has been a survey conducted by a reputable research firm to gauge public opinion. Board members and district employees have spent hours speaking to groups large and small. A detailed informational website has been established at www.scasd.org/statehighfuture. School board members have even been out in neighborhoods talking with voters one on one about the project. They have been willing and eager to answer any and all questions about the project. This has been a process that shares information, values input and works toward the best outcome considering all stakeholders.

We have a chance to render judgment Tuesday by voting on the referendum. We must accept the need for compromise, and in this case, we should agree on the integrity and openness of the process employed to reach the current proposal. I respect these efforts and will vote yes to support this project, our community and our children.

Andrea Pandolfi

State College