Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Are you angry yet, ladies?

Here is the greatest lesson we should take from the Oscar Pistorius case that still remains in the media’s eye to this day: The world still holds women in low regard.

I fully believe that had the victim been a minority, we would be hearing discussions of Pistorius’ evil soul and guilt based on the notion that he “could have walked away and called for help” and that “lethal force was not necessary.” I will even wager that if it were Pistorius’ dog that was mistaken for a burglar and subsequently shot and killed, we would still be after his head for the careless handling of his gun. But as it was only a woman, his girlfriend, neither we nor the media show the slightest concern or moral outrage over it.

Are you angry yet, ladies? You should be. The world is showing you where they think you stand, and I think you should vocalize your disagreement. Vote for gun control and speak out against gun violence against women, both accidental and intentional.

It’s time that at least this country gave you more than the respect it would give a dog.

Jerry Yorks

State College