Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Time will tell what Erickson’s legacy will be

Extraordinary praise and honors were bestowed upon Rodney Erickson during the May 9 Penn State board of trustees meeting. No doubt Erickson made major contributions to the university during his tenure before being appointed interim president. He was, indeed, placed in a very difficult situation by the board in 2011, albeit largely of its own creation. How the situation was handled will be judged soon.

Certain members of the board must have taken great delight in the public recognition of Erickson’s “heroic” handling of the Sandusky crisis during his short tenure as president — as if to say to those of us who continue to question their actions, “We win; you lose.” Apparently a significant portion of the board only learned of these honors as they were happening, thus having no prior input.

Is this the way the board of trustees of a world-class institution operates?

Janet Parkhill Kudravetz

Arlington, VA