Letters to the Editor

Letter | ‘God Save Dear Old, Pitiable State’

I congratulate former legislative powerhouse Robert Jubelirer on his election as Penn State University trustee. He has proven that a slick charlatan can fool most of the people.

Before he was rejected by the electorate in 2006, Jubelirer “distinguished” himself through arrogance and the drive for self-enrichment. He was an architect of the slimy middle-of-the-night pay grab, fighting repeal until it become apparent that his re-election was in jeopardy. He supported a retroactive 50 percent pension boost for himself and his colleagues, providing a perverse incentive to serve for life. As he enjoys a second career in law, Jubelirer garners an annual public pension, which exceeds $90,000, about twice the average Pennsylvania wage. The legislative pension boost (and that for state employees and public school teachers) is in large part responsible for today’s $50 billion shortfall, which will be recouped through higher taxes.

Those who voted for Trustee Jubelirer believe it is more important to restore Joe Paterno to a place of reverence and to elevate Penn State football than it is to place in a position of trust someone with character, integrity and honor.

I hope that those who voted to return Robert Jubelirer to public life will never have the audacity to complain about the slimy behavior of any elected official. If they did, they would be hypocrites.

The battle cry for the Jubelirer trustee bid was “Dear Old State.” I say, “God Save Dear Old, Pitiable State” with someone of his ilk at the helm.

Oren Spiegler

Upper Saint Clair