Letters to the Editor

Letter | Missing link

The Penn State consent decree continues to not make any sense. Why would PSU agree to any sanctions without due process? Why will the NCAA not hand over discovery information to the attorneys of the Paterno lawsuit? There is much more to this story. Who is Penn State protecting? It appears the incompetent board of trustees thought it would be easier to throw Paterno under the bus and just move forward. They know now that’s not going to happen. No matter how ugly the truth is, it needs to come out. Interesting, The Second Mile name is hardly mentioned. Something smells here.

It’s also time for Kenneth Frazier and Karen Peetz to do the right thing and step down from the board for their horrible leadership — when Penn Staters needed them most. Let’s also hope President Eric Barron will do the right thing and begin a search for a big-time qualified athletic director immediately after taking office.

Michele Tursi

State College