Letters to the Editor

Letter | Penn State should break contract with Ticketmaster

I do not understand why Penn State has outsources the purchase of tickets for events on the Penn State campus. It used to be that a person could simply go to the Bryce Jordan Center, Rec Hall and various other places for tickets to sporting events and non-sporting events. At that time, the price of tickets was moderate. Now, since Penn State hired Ticketmaster, the price of tickets has soared and that does not even take into account the exorbitant fees for shopping and handing tickets to purchase.

Can you image how this would affect the student population as if they don’t have enough on their plates with the rise of tuition and the full coast of a four-year education?

I wish Penn State would re-think the outsourcing and when the current contract runs out to no longer contract with Ticketmaster. This action would benefit ticket purchases as they cost would be considerably lower. I ask Penn State to please consider the change of course.

Diane Sturniolo

State College