Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Go back to classical math

What makes today’s educators think that they can present math education in a better manner than that which has been used for thousands of years? Approximately 40 years ago, educators tried to teach arithmetic with a set theory approach and all that did was turn off students later in their studies, but it has no value in teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division early in grade school.

I am distressed to see that the U.S. keeps dropping in math education. I am also distressed every time I hear “I hate math” from young people, or when a cashier cannot make change in their head, or when the concept of how to balance a checkbook without a computer is unknown.

Math should be taught in the early grades classically, with memorization of simple skills and done with no electronics. Let students find out what they can do before confusing them to the point of giving them a negative attitude.

Bob Cullen

State College