Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | It’s time to rethink Common Core

In a neighboring Common Core state this past year, one of my grandsons scored an A on an algebra test. Another student scored a B. The remaining students failed. Class results under Common Core guidelines specified the teacher had to re-instruct the entire class. Human nature being what it is, that re-teaching was laughable and of lesser “quality” than previously given so that second overall scores would be higher and acceptable to Common Core standards. The two students who passed originally were treated to a pizza party, while the other kids got a second chance to take the test. While scores increased, knowledge and understanding did not necessarily follow suit!

Reduced to boredom by the repetition of material already grasped, and without school district provisions for a “gifted” program, my grandson avoided boredom on his own by studying his third-year Mandarin Chinese, “mentally” practicing for an upcoming talent performance of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise,” programming a game of rock-paper-scissors into his calculator, and occasionally producing some of the exceptional art for which he is noted. When everyone caught up on the lesson, they moved on.

Common Core is well-named. We will indeed become a common nation when exceptionalism is depressed.

Fred Hammer

State College