Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Ignore wisdom at your own peril

“Dope destroys the evolution of human consciousness” (Tracey Revenowel, 2006). Here, “dope” is used as equivalent to cannabis. Thus, its use may be emphatically discouraged by all adolescents and youth.

Why? Because cannabis weakens one’s awareness of self and brings about the disintegration between the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the individual’s being. Excessive use of cannabis fosters mental deterioration and even mental illness among the young — the promising young student whose grades deteriorate from A’s to failure, the young athlete whose physical activity and participation degenerate to sitting around getting high. Many smokers embrace an indolent lifestyle.

If they witness their mentors tote joints, it is unlikely that youth will abstain. Indeed, they are seduced by false comfort offered by the hallucinogenic weed and drop out of productive human endeavor seeking sustenance in easy employment, which allows time to contemplate their navels.

In 1971, Schofield wrote that many youth (now adults) interpreted the control of drug use an infringement of individual freedom.

Ignorance is the bane of freedom. To ignore the accumulated wisdom of countless generations is to enslave the naive with illusory freedom. Many are eager to feed those who would grade on the “natural” fodder provided by weed, both for the bounties of cash and the power provided by at has historically been the most effective human-control substance ever.

It is easy to forget that we are indeed our brother’s keeper. To abandon our neighbors is to abandon our own humanity.

Sam Contakos