Letters to the Editor

Letter | Americans shoulder VA’s blame

The bill is past due. The events at the Veteran’s Administration are a sad commentary on us. While there is no excuse for VA schedulers to falsify documents, the more important question is why did they do it? Gen. Shinseki is doing the best he can with the VA Congress provided to him, not the VA he wishes he had or the one veterans really deserve. If there is blame, it is not at the feet of a general who has spent his life serving our country, it is ours.

Every election we send elected officials to Washington who have taken an oath to never raise taxes, instead of honoring their oath to “provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare.”

The VA cannot take care of our veterans until it is fully funded, until it is fully staffed. Gen. Powell was right when he said, “If you break it, you buy it.” We have thousands of broken veterans that we must make whole, whatever the cost. That must be our sacrifice. Only through our commitment can we truly honor those veterans who live by their oath to “provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare.”

Americans are standing on the shoulders of giants; the giants need help. We should not condemn Gen. Shinseki, but instead demand from our elected officials to require the American public to fully fund the VA. It is the only honorable thing to do. No American can balk at paying this bill.

Andy Merritt

Halfmoon Township