Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Don’t let Corbett ruin parks and forests

Why do I feel that I am alone in wondering why our state representatives are not publicly fighting Gov. Corbett’s repeated attempts to destroy this state’s forests and parks by issuing an executive order allowing them to now drill alongside and inside some or all of them?

This man is progressively trying to destroy the pristine beauty of our state by using snakelike tactics to increase his available finances.

The state representatives we elected seem to be sitting quietly and not publicly fighting this man’s numerous sly attempts to ruin this state’s beauty and hoping they can keep their jobs if they don’t fight this man. Not one has the intestinal fortitude to fight for state legislation nor, it appears, will our legislators fight this man’s progressive attempts at destruction of this state.

What about the residents of this state? Are they also going to just sit back and let this man continue to maneuver the laws to his advantage before he (I hope) loses this next election?

John Mahon