Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Electronic voting not the answer

It’s evident that computer systems all over the world are being hacked.

The latest boondoggles of Target, and many other companies and the Chinese military hacking businesses in the U.S. should be enough to convince anyone of that.

There have been efforts to subvert the vote by voter suppression. We don’t need a large-scale, fast and easy way to subvert voting. Widespread total control of the vote results could more easily happen with a total electronic system. We need to use exit polling as a tool, and it must correspond reasonably closely to the actual voting results; otherwise, a re-vote should occur.

We are not getting what the majority wants in terms of policy; rather, we have big business writing public policy by way of the American Legislative Exchange Council, and virtually unfettered money in politics favoring those with megabucks over an increasingly impoverished citizenry.

A Princeton study demonstrates we are no longer in a democracy but an oligarchy, where economic elites and big business groups dominate. Big money elites should no longer dominate; don’t elect them. We must get money out of all aspects of politics, with public funding only. Big money in campaigns, in lobbying by rewarding legislators with cushy jobs after “serving their interests” and other such practices must end. We must reassert our democratic structures, making them much more subject to the will of the citizenry. We must weed out this corruption. We don’t need to go further down this rat hole with electronic voting.

Doug Keith

State College