Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Protesters at Memorial Day event ‘absurd’

Our son in the Navy, a son now out of the military after serving in Washington, D.C., on and after 9/11, and my husband, retired (served in Italy during Desert Storm), know of many deaths of service members. The hardest ones to talk about are the sons’ friends. We felt it was dishonoring the service of those now deceased to have protesters at the Boalsburg Memorial Day remembrance ceremony honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Marcellus shale drilling protesters can all wait one day to voice their opinions. They did not need to be there to disrupt and offend those of us who had thoughts of young men and women on our minds who will never be with us again. But, in a free country, they who feel the need to do public protest use any forum, even one that should be set aside untainted by personal opinions. One day out of every year is not too much to ask.

The adults with placards and signs just had to have their say; public theater of the absurd during a ceremony meant to honor those select members of our country who have served us all. From conversation overheard and signs brandished, it was noted that some of the protesters were veterans.

Restraint is such a difficult character trait to master. Hopefully they will have mastered it by next year.

Earnest and Lois Obrock