Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Relativity theory a socialist attempt

This politically driven conspiracy, in the name of science, must be ended. Here are the facts:

1. There is no consensus on the theory of relativity. Some scientists disagree — so it’s far from “settled science.”

2. Scientists, who get millions and millions of dollars for research must “tow the line” if they want to get wealthy funding their research. Dissent is not tolerated.

3. The historical record is unclear when it comes to the theory of relativity. We know that they cannot predict solar winds and many space phenomena, so it becomes clear that we cannot trust their models on that basis.

4. Einstein is known to have made many mistakes — and published several “proofs” of his most famous equation — seven, in fact, over the course of 30 years. His trick in simply claiming light speed is constant in moving frames fails to wash against all manner of common sense and experience.

5. Einstein thought the universe was fixed, so he fudged the theory. Now there are claims of dark energy. To wit: We witness the language evolution from “theory of relativity” to “universe change.”

Truth: Relativity theory is a socialist attempt to equalize under the guise of science.

Robert W. Smith

State College