Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Hands off, Gov. Corbett

With green and beautiful Tussey Mountain, Rothrock State Forest, looming behind in mute witness, many Centre County folk watched a phalanx of politicians take over Boalsburg’s usually low-key Memorial Day walk-to-the-graveyard, a meaningful re-enactment of sorrow and respect for our Civil War dead.

The most notable guest speaker was Gov. Tom Corbett, who just last week authorized unlimited fracking in our public parks and state lands, as always tax-free, just to add $75 million in royalties to his budget.

Imagine the stench, lights and noise of fracking and fracking trucks replacing the peace we had at Black Moshannon, Whipple Dam or your favorite stretch of public nature. Is everything beautiful in Penn’s Woods for sale? This is our land, public land, our children and grandchildren’s land. Hands off!

Maurice K. Goddard, our legendary Pennsylvania forester and champion of state parks for all, is rolling over in his grave. Citizens should charge the Harrisburg Statehouse clamoring for Corbett’s ouster. This administration’s greed and short-sightedness is breathtaking.

Dorothy Blair