Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Gay marriage is protected by the Constitution

Judges across the nation continue to find that gay marriage is constitutional.

The prevailing arguments against gay marriage are:

1. The states have the right to determine if gay marriage is unconstitutional, not the federal government;

2. The majority of religious sects claim it to be against Gods’ rules; and

3. Many citizens call for the decision to be put to a popular vote.

However, the facts are that states’ rights, religious beliefs or popular vote hold no power over the right of gay people to marry. Below is the formulation of this reasoning:

Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution states that the laws and the Constitution of the federal government hold supremacy of law, as written by the founding fathers. This supremacy of law also states that judges in every state shall be bound by this standard. Further, it is written that no state law or constitutional amendment can change this. In addition, the 14th and 9th amendments state that any right of citizenship given to one citizen cannot be denied to another. Plus, religious belief or majority vote cannot override the supremacy of federal law, the Constitution or the amendments of the same.

Gay citizens are thus entitled to marry anyone whom they please within existing law, as this law is also applied to heterosexuals.

Louis Mollica