Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | EPA: Lead or get out of the way

On Monday, the Obama administration announced the first rule to reduce carbon pollution from existing power plants. Republicans responded to the announcement by claiming that the new standards would “kill coal” and cause power outages.

It may seem harsh, but not polluting and not harming the public is how responsible companies behave. Instead, for centuries, coal has been a bad citizen, leaving a trail of death by ignoring coal’s dangers to miners and the public from accidents and disease — and by carbon pollution, a major cause of global warming.

Rather than being a responsible corporate citizen, the fossil fuel industry complains that EPA’s new rule costs too much. Meanwhile, coal ignores the costs from the past year’s extreme weather and the devastation it will continue to cause communities and refuses to acknowledge its responsibility for the rise in asthma and premature deaths from carbon.

So who pays for the damage to our planet from using fossil fuels?

We do.

We know the toll coal takes, and we have better, safer alternatives. It is time to get off dirty fuels and move to clean, renewable energy.

And it is time for our elected representatives to support EPA — or get out of the way.

Ellen Dannin

State College