Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Unhappy with coverage

I was disappointed to see your coverage of President Obama’s recent protection of America’s newest national monument.

Why did you let an unfounded claim by a few conservative lawmakers overshadow an incredible victory for America’s public lands that was widely supported?

I applaud Obama for listening to the broad public support to protect this pristine landscape, for working closely with state and federal land agencies as well as the U.S. Custom and Border Control (which said the monument will not limit its ability to do its job), and most importantly for acting on behalf of all Americans who believe that iconic public lands should be protected for future generations, not lost to short-sighted development pressures.

Thanks to Obama, nearly a half-million acres of pristine public open space outside Las Cruces, N.M., the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, will offer a protected habitat for mountain lions, pronghorn antelope and peregrine falcons long into the future, while providing all Americans a beautiful destination for recreational adventures, like hiking and mountain climbing.

Too many of our pristine waterways and open spaces here in Pennsylvania and across the country remain at risk of development. I’m glad President Obama protected the Organ Mountains, and I’m thrilled to hear him say he is “not finished” protecting our open spaces. Our wildlife, economies and future generations depend on it. I hope your next story focuses on the many landscapes that are worthy of similar protections.

Nicole Broder

Arlington, Va.