Letters to the Editor

Letter | Toomey can’t reinvent himself

Toomey’s vote on vets a smokescreen

Sen. Pat Toomey has consistently voted against basically any help for America’s veterans, to include funding for VA hospitals and education benefits for veterans. As an Army veteran, I have a responsibility to remind voters of these facts because now Toomey is trying to reinvent himself as a veteran supporter. With great fanfare, he recently signed a Republican bill to let veterans sue the VA. This bill does nothing to fix the lack of resources at the VA, a shortage that his votes have worsened. He even bragged about how this bill adds no “burden” on the taxpayer, as if fulfilling our obligations to our wounded veterans is a burden rather than a sacred promise.

Four months ago, Toomey voted against a bill supported by the American Legion, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Veterans of Foreign Affairs. Even though the bill provided help for vets with traumatic brain injuries, Toomey voted against. Of course, back then the media were focused on other issues, and Toomey basically got away it. Now, with the media focused on the VA, Toomey’s trying to cover his record by signing on to this new bill. He even had the gall to self-righteously tweet out “Priorities, not politics” when announcing this move. But unless his priorities have changed in the last four months, it looks like his priority is politics. We need another senator like Bob Casey, who cares about veterans even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Jason Harpster

Pennsylvania Furnace