Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Writer deserves praise

Charles Snow deserves praise and admiration for his careful, sensible and largely correct June 10 analysis of Penn State’s overall response to the Sandusky scandal (“Moving forward under Penn State President Eric Barron”).

As someone long skeptical of Joseph Paterno’s vaunted academic credentials, integrity and larg-esse — qualities conjured, I believe, by the adroit and prescient publicist Jim Tarman — I see the NCAA right now as the principal villain challenging our university. The scandal opened for the NCAA its long-awaited chance to punish Paterno for his years of hyperbolic sanctimony, a logical protective response you can infer if you read Snow’s column closely.

I’m one who thanks Snow. He has performed an educational service and he may even have helped dismantle the exploitative NCAA cartel.

John Swinton

State College