Letters to the Editor

Letter | Snow on target with Penn State analysis

Professor Emeritus Charles Snow’s analysis of the Jerry Sandusky-board of trustees disaster should be mandatory reading for every Penn State supporter. Snow taught management for 38 years at Penn State and is an expert in crisis management.

If your copy of the June 10 CDT is gone, the article may be found at CentreDaily.com by searching under “Charles Snow.” The title of the article is “ Moving forward under Penn State President Eric Barron” and is on the editorial page of the print copy.

Snow illustrates how almost every action taken by the board was precisely the wrong thing to do. The board’s focus was unfortunately from a business profit perspective rather than an academic one. The fundamental purpose of a university is to pursue truth and pass it on. Penn State’s board at the time may be the biggest academic disaster of all time, but Snow does see hope under its new leadership.

Robert E. Malcom

State College