Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Patrons kicked to the curb

Except for the people who could walk there, the move of the state liquor store from downtown Bellefonte to the Weis Markets near Interstate 99 on the road to Zion has to be considered progress. Not only is there plenty of parking, but the selection has improved so much that I refer to it as North Atherton Street Light.

But unlike the abundant store in Patton Township, the Zion Road store lacks two important things — a curb cut so you can push your cart to your car in the side parking lot and automatic doors so you can get out of the store in the first place. In fact, the store has extra-heavy double doors that you have to back through if you have a cart. You would think that a request for automatic doors would get an automatic “yes we can” response. Not from the monopolistic Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

I was told via email by Charles Mooney, the director of the Bureau of Regional Operations, “The glass front and door system was accepted in an ‘as-in’ condition in order to reduce our relocation expenses.” However, the PLCB will look into my request for a curb cut.

It’s another example of how the folks in state government, the bureaucrats as well as the elected ones, do their jobs backward most of the time.

The message for those of us who shop at the Bellefonte state store: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

R. Thomas Berner

Benner Township