Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Real energy solutions

As a Penn State geosciences professor, James Kasting is surely aware that no private corporation in the U.S. will pay, out of pocket, for a nuclear power plant. No insurance company will provide coverage at any price, and ratepayers will revolt at the stunning expense of using advanced nuclear engineering to boil water.

He would also be aware that fossil fuels receive billions in yearly tax subsidies, while leaving the taxpayer to deal with much of their mess. They also emit large amounts of carbon, which is wreaking havoc on our environment and causing billions in various damages.

Nuclear is 100 percent government subsidized. Wind and solar receive the least of all energy subsidies. There is no level playing field in energy production. The professor is right that a carbon tax is our best solution. It will lead to efficiencies, co-generation, smart grids and other shovel-ready solutions.

Unfortunately, most of these add nothing to the bottom lines of Westinghouse or the fossil fuel industry.

Carbon is killing the planet at an accelerating pace. We have solutions, like a carbon tax, ready to go. We need the will to act based on science and sound market forces, not pressure to fatten corporate profits. Some say we need not act, that “God will save us.” I disagree; I think God is seeing if we have the sense to save ourselves. Do we?

Tim Dunleavy

Patton Township