Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Who runs this country?

The op-ed “ End silence over Asian restaurant raids” (CDT June 20) helped focus my thoughts and concerns over the raid incident and the direction of this country.

Our president stated the administration will not pursue undocumented immigrants not involved in criminal activities and has promised “transparency” in governing. Our government cannot afford to fix schools, roads or other vital infrastructure. But we have secret “off-budget” and seeming unlimited funds for infrastructure to monitor, investigate, and arrest us or in this case undocumented workers. How much money was spent to investigate, plan,and execute this raid against these “dangerous” criminals?

We stand idle and silent while our government slowly behaves more and more like the old Soviet empire we learned about in high school civics class.

Who runs this country? Corporations? Self-serving political class? The media? No-one?

In a democracy, it is said the people get the government they deserve.

Do our children deserve the government that our silence and lack of involvement will bequeath to them?

Mark Trump

State College