Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Specialize sheriff’s training

The Pennsylvania state police are saying they don’t have enough manpower to enforce the law so perhaps it’s time to catch up with other states in increasing specialized training for sheriffs departments and have deputy sheriffs start assisting in traffic control, domestic abuse calls as well assisting state police in critical situations and back-ups in traffic stops and vice-versa.

This is done throughout many states with great success and works extremely well with the cooperation of these departments and not allowing any sheriff, police chief or state police officer interfering with the development of this program because they feel threatened. It makes financial sense and provides more traffic control, cooperation and assistance for this dangerous occupation.

Some local police departments now want to use radar for traffic control, but what good does that do if other localities do not want to start doing enforcement issues rather than attend to personal matters when on duty (haircuts, banking and hardware shopping while on duty)? And some departments do not provide 24-hour coverage for their areas due to financial constraints. Maybe it’s time to start pushing the exaggerated legislature to form yet another committee to get this done.

John Mahon