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Letter to the Editor | Road planning reduces waste

Planning reduces waste

In areas that have cold winters, summer is construction season. And, certainly, on the Penn State campus and around State College, this summer has been no exception.

Although construction is a necessary evil, it should be incumbent upon those doing it to put in some planning to minimize its impact on affected residents and public budgets. I have many questions about whether this planning is being done for local projects.

For example, consider the State College Borough Water Authority project to replace the 100-year-old water line underneath College Avenue in downtown State College. Before the project, the blacktop on the street looked to be in good condition; indeed, I have heard the street was repaved in the last few years. However, this project will require that the road be repaved anew.

I am sure that, a few years ago, it was obvious that a 100-year-old water line needed to be replaced. Why was there not coordination among the SCBWA and the state and borough to tackle the needed water and repaving projects simultaneously a few years back?

Such planning would have saved taxpayers and water rate-payers money from a second, premature repaving. I saw June 24 at midday on College a huge traffic backup — one more reminiscent of one seen in a big city than in State College and a regular thing, I suspect, that probably has a deleterious effect on area businesses. Thus, I imagine also that such planning would have saved businesses lost patronage, which is an important consideration during the already austere summer period.

I can think of many other examples of poor construction planning in the local area. Planning reduces waste, and that is important in today’s economic climate.

Danny Brouillette

State College