Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Stick with the GOP

Although Tom Corbett was not my first choice for governor, he did, as attorney general, challenge the disastrous mandatory Obamacare that made us all slaves to the insurance companies. It was Gov. Ed Rendell who ran the deficit to $4.2 billion, and it was Corbett who eliminated that debt by eliminating waste.

He did not increase our taxes us like Obama has been doing since he was elected. The top 13 states in terms of economic and business climate are run by Republican governors.

Do we want to give Tom Wolf a chance to repeat Obama’s suicidal economic plan in our state? Do we want another Democrat to drive up energy costs and ignore the Second Amendment?

The fact is, thanks to Corbett’s business-friendly attitude, unemployment is down and new job creation is up. If we elect any more Democrat candidates to increase the already-draconian limitations on all of our constitutional rights, then we deserve to be made into mindless masses, which the Democrats thrive on.

Don’t give Wolf a chance to turn Pennsylvania into a bankrupt state like California or Illinois.

Joseph DuPont