Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Support early ed initiatives

Norman Rich’s recent oped, “Quality early learning instills STEM skills and core character traits,” CDT, June 23), does a terrific job in identifying the impact that high-quality early learning can have on young learners and the future workforce.

Considering that approximately 70 percent of our nation’s state prison population failed to receive a high school diploma, education is a pivotal factor between incarceration and productive citizenship.

Knowing this connection from research and experience, law enforcement leaders have long supported investments in high quality pre-kindergarten as a key crime prevention strategy.

Unfortunately, more than 1,500 3- and 4-year-olds in Centre County and more than 200,000 statewide do not have access to high-quality pre-k programs. This is why the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association is supporting the Pre-K for PA Campaign, a non-partisan effort seeking greater investment in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs to ensure that all children are ready for and succeed in school.

As very important issues in this year’s state elections are discussed, we should recognize that expanding access to high-quality pre-kindergarten not only promotes school readiness, but future crime prevention as well. I encourage you to join the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Associaiton in supporting Pre-K for PA by visiting the Campaign’s website prekforpa.org.

Tom King

State College