Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Where’s the press?

When the Watergate Hotel burglary was attempted, and failed, a lot of people went to jail. Although no one was injured, no one lost any property, and there were no deaths. The media went berserk with their loudest accusers screaming for blood. The left screamed until Congress investigated, reinvestigated and finally got the overthrow of the government they lusted after.

Now, those same inquisitors are strangely silent. In spite of the death of a border patrol agent when the federal gun-running (fast and furious) operation went awry. Officer Terry was murdered by a cartel member with a rifle allowed by BATF to go to the Mexican cartel. No one fired, no one jailed, no one named as responsible. Where is the press?

Then comes Benghazi. After multiple unfulfilled requests for help, our ambassador and three American employees were murdered and our property burned to the ground. No one fired, jailed or named as responsible. Where is the press?

Next comes the IRS targeting of conservative organizations. No one fired, jailed or held responsible. Where is the press?

Now we have the rampant mismanagement of our VA and who knows how many deaths are directly attributable. Anyone want to bet on the outcome? Where is the press?

I think the press owes the memory of President Nixon an apology, or to at least investigate and report the misdeeds of this administration with the same measure.

Could they be that intimidated by Obama?

Paul Hay

State College