Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Corbett never condemned Paterno?

Gee! Gov. Tom Corbett makes a true statement, for possibly, the first time during his tenure ( “Tom Corbett: I’ve never condemned Paterno, ‘never will,’ ” June 27, CDT.

But whoa, Corbett and his henchmen (secretaries of Education, Conservation and Natural Resources, and Agriculture on the Penn State board of trustees) voted to fire Paterno. Let us not forget the governor appoints six other board members who probably voted the same way. By the way, this is the only trustee meeting in which he participated.

The real smoking gun was by Corbett’s top lackey, state police Commissioner Frank Noonan. As chief judge, juror and executioner, he did a real hatchet job: “Paterno should have done more.”

But wait, there is more.

Along with his sidekicks, Kenneth Frazier, of Merck, Karen Peetz, of Mellon-New York, and John Surma, of U.S. Steel, they coerced the rest of the trustees to hire Louis Freeh.

Look how that turned out. International embarrassment, NCAA sanctions, big loss of revenue, Paterno unjustly named a co-conspirator ... just to name a few. Corbett has never denounced Freeh’s report!

Gads! With a friend like Corbett and his cronies, Penn State and Paterno did not need any enemies.

Corbett will get his due in November, when he is retired early, a phrase coined by some retired trustee members.

“You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them.”

Thomas M. Kupchinsky

State College