Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Agree with creek letter

We totally agree with Stu Silver’s letter (Protect Spring Creek, June 28, CDT) that there has not been enough done to clamp down on those responsible for allowing silt to enter our streams. There should be a fine levied on those who allows any mudflow to enter a stream. The several hours worth of silt that we have seen make its way to Spring Creek during the last two heavy rain events this past year from the Oak Hall Regional Park project is unacceptable. The damage done to our house and property can be repaired, but the loss of native fish and the desire for anyone come to enjoy fishing here is sad.

In the 40-plus years we’ve lived here there had been no problems with dirty water coming down the paved road that leads up to the “Gem” on the hill. It had been previously been tilled by local farmers who know better how to manage a piece of ground than those who planned, engineered and are working on the park above us. To get it right ,unfortunately, will cost us more of our tax dollars.

Stan and Darlene Smith

Oak Hall