Letters to the Editor

Letter | ‘So much for the free market’

The man sporting a fake tan and Docksiders without socks stood, in a rather ostentatious nouveau-riche pose, talking on his cellphone, one foot on the bumper of the tedious cliche of an expensive red sports car with the top down, displaying a newly incarnated and now ubiquitous bumper sticker that reads, simply and so eloquently, “Spay and Neuter Liberals.”

One thing about extremist Republicans, among many of note including the obvious violence of such a totalitarian suggestion, is the following.

In view of the Supreme Courts’ recent decision to exempt Christian for-profit corporations, owned by families, from providing access to birth control as an option for their female employees, the bleach-boy with the sports car’s position, like many of his particular genre, is ideologically schizophrenic.

What a surprise … a right-wing ideologue arguing for both economic freedom and fewer births among liberals (accomplished nicely by the intelligent practice of birth control, by the way), while simultaneously supporting five extremist old Republican guys on the court, among many right-wingers seemingly obsessed with women’s bodies, who would not only limit women’s reproductive rights, but also and historically by consequence, their economic choices as well.

So much for the free market.

Marylouise Markle

State College