Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | America needs independence

While we plan our picnics and viewing spots to celebrate America’s birthday, one thing pops out to me. America is no longer independent; we rely too much on the rest of the world for our energy needs.

It is clear that the Middle East is in a greater meltdown than we have witnessed in a generation, and we are witnessing Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin rapidly reassembling the Soviet Union, annexing the Ukraine. Neither area loves the U.S.

North Dakota is rich with oil, and there are jobs to be had by any able-bodied person looking to earn a decent salary. Alaska, the rich untapped area as large as the continental U.S., is full of natural resources. Pennsylvania is rich with natural gas and coal. We are not in the ’50s any longer; scientists know how to burn coal cleanly and effectively. Pennsylvania has as much coal as Saudi Arabia has oil. If Adolf Hitler could transform coal to diesel fuel in the 1930s through 1945, think of what we can do with it now. Mobil has advertised synthetic oil for cars made out of natural gas.

We have so many options for being a self-sustained country. The Keystone Pipeline can bring how many quality-paying, family-friendly and American jobs to our economy? The technology is there for clean, smart ways to bring our resources from the ground. It is a way for us to be truly independent.

Steve Miller