Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | AHA us on the right track

I am relieved that there is now an avenue of escape for folks held hostage at their jobs. Although in Pennsylvania our governor has chosen to make it much more difficult, we as a civilized society are getting closer to achieving some basic human rights.

Too many people keep undesirable jobs because of the health care benefits provided through that employment.

Whether it’s a result of a pre-existing medical condition or just the unwillingness of a person to risk being without health insurance until an adequate job with this benefit is found, the Affordable Care Act gives people some independence and freedom. It provides an opportunity to break bonds that restrain some of us. I speak of that which has been relevant in my life. My family has experienced this entrapment, and I am aware of many others who have had this same experience.

Without much imagination, I can envision devastation to an individual or one’s family as a result of being without health insurance. Loss of a home and accumulation of a debt no honest person can repay are outcomes that can await the uninsured.

Replete with its problems, we are on the right track with the Affordable Care Act.

Improving it should be the goal of all elected officials in Washington and Harrisburg. Trying to overturn it and obstructing it is wrong. We have a starting point — a foundation — on which to build a better model.

Access to adequate health care without extreme financial hardship is a human right that should be afforded to people living in a civilized world.

If sheltered assets of corporations and citizens were eliminated (off-shore money or hiding assets with an address in a foreign country, for example), our tax base would be in better shape to cover the costs of running a democracy that cares for its citizens.

Roy Sletson

State College